A word from EXIMPHA Board of Directors

Dear Visitors,


Over the course of our collective 55 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we found that meeting the changing demands of the consumers is not an easy job, however, it has sparked us with fresh and creative thinking that keeps EXIMPHA innovative, competitive, and forward-thinking.

Our experience in different senior management levels in the GCC region is the main drive behind leading our brands to be market leaders. Our experience with healthcare professionals, governmental tenders, and retail businesses is a perfect mix between the Prescription-driven business and the OTC-driven business. We understand well the culture that we are working in & the market dynamics variants.


We’ve partnered with a diverse range of pharmaceutical manufacturers from various parts of the world, who offers more diverse ranges of products, despite it is not easy, but we’ve been always showing innovative ideas, quality strategies, and flexibility that has always been a turnkey for our mutual growth and has always enabled our partners to flourish 

As we dreamt at the very early stage of our company, EXIMPHA always aims to provide innovative, high-quality, and effective pharmaceutical products that satisfy a wide range of populations in the GCC. We understand that EXIMPHA exists to help to level up the quality of life of the pharmaceutical consumers


We continue to pay close attention to consumers’ needs, and do our best to work as adaptable, creative, and cost-effective as possible, despite that the business environment is becoming more and more competitive every day. We encourage and train our staff to actively listen to our customers and use the best practices in all areas of our business.

We have offices and representatives throughout various GCC countries, including Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman, from where we execute our sales and marketing tactics, along with our headquarters in UAE

We welcome new ideas from our employees and partners. 

We welcome those who are approaching us for advice and guidance. 

We welcome you to join our successful sail


EXIMPHA Board Of Directors